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JC High School Students Get A Reminder Of The Risks Of Party Culture

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Johnson City high school students got a sobering reminder of the risks involved with drugs and alcohol. During an assembly, seniors watched a documentary detailing a true story of a teen who died after mixing pills and alcohol at a party. Following the film screening, students heard from a guest speaker who is currently going through the recovery process.

Ahead of prom season and graduation, the Broome County Health Department says it's important to have these conversations.

"We believe that knowledge is power and we really just want to educate them on the dangers of mixing drugs and alcohol. And also to have a plan with their parents with the friends and really have an out if they're in a situation that makes them uncomfortable and ways to still celebrate, but celebrate safely," says Marissa Lamphere, a Public Health Educator at the Health Department.

The Broome County Health Department has brought this program to several local high schools over the past few months and say by the end of the school year they will have visited every district in the county.