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Local Priest Reacts to Notre Dame Fire

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The Catholic community in the Southern Tier is devastated by the tragic fire at Notre Dame in Paris days before Easter.

Father John Donovan of Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Vestal says he has visited the cathedral several times in the past. On his first visit as a high school student, he was in awe of all of the histories the building had seen and the sheer beauty of the centuries-old architecture. Today, he mourns a loss for the global community, not just the community of faith. 

"It's a celebration of all humanity, of understanding what we can contribute and leave from one generation to the next that we're not isolated into our own point in history," said Donovan. "We make a foundation for what's to come, and we have to look at the foundation of what's been. Today, we lose one of the strong pieces of that foundation."