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Johnson City Celebrations Committee Speak About Field Days

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A 51 year tradition no longer, according to organizers of the Johnson City Field Days, a lack of sponsors and increased safety issues are to blame for this years cancellation.

“There's been a multitude of reasons of why we've decided to cancel it.. Everybody agreed that things have started to fall through we've had vandalism and some of the people come in the night crowds are different then the day crowd” said organizer Harry Lewis.

"It was supposed to be a family oriented event its gotten to the point where after it gets dark it’s not family oriented" organizer Matt Cunningham said. “Anytime you have to have the State police, Binghamton police, Johnson City police and Sheriffs department to come in and police and push people out its really not a family event anymore”

“We had vandalism after things were shut down I give the police a lot of credit… they stopped a lot of bad bad things from happening I just think it was a matter of time before something tragic happened and we had to look as a committee do we want to take responsibility and be responsible for something like that happening” said Cunningham.

Lewis, the longest standing committee member stated, "I've always said as long as I can do it we're going to have the Field Days… people come people go but on the main state its stayed around but its gotten to the time where we're winning the battle but losing the war”.

But due to the lack of sponsors, insurance, and liabilities it appears that at least for this year the war has been lost.

The committee also explored the idea of starting the Field Days earlier but organizer Kim Cunningham said, "we start the event at 12 o'clock and the rides start at 1 but we felt the time would not be beneficial people wont show up at 10 or 11...and to close it down before it gets dark is hard , people want to ride the rides in the dark with the lights on however when it gets dark that's when problems start happening".

Lewis also wanted to make it clear that although they work with the Village of Johnson City for the Field Days that it was the Celebrations Committee's decision to cancel the Field Days.