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Police in Broome Seize Drugs, Guns, Cash in Two Separate Raids

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Special investigators announced the arrests of three people following a Friday morning drug raid in Johnson City, the second one in 24 hours.

Members of the Broome County Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Task Force carried out a drug bust Thursday morning at a State Route 12 residence in the Town of Barker, arresting Erin E. Suggs, 46, and Mirando K. Barrows, 23, both of Chenango Forks.

In the 2529 Route 12 raid, task force members seized the following:
- 4 oz crystal meth, valued at $10,000
- 6 grams heroin
-  marijuana, suboxone, controlled prescription drugs
-  $2,600 suspected drug money
- Drug packaging materials

Police charged Erin E. Suggs with six felony drug charges. Miranda Barrows faces a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of marijuana.

In the search warrant executed on Farr Avenue on Friday, SIU arrested Seirra L Pearson, Rachel Taborn and Anthony Burris and recovered the following items:

- Three weapons:  loaded sawed-off shotgun, loaded .38 caliber revolver and a .22 caliber revolver
- 12.6 grams of crack cocaine
- 2.5 grams of Fentanyl and Suboxone
- Over $2100.00 in suspected drug money. 

Pearson faces a three counts of criminal possession of a firearm. Taborn is facing 11 felony weapon possession charges and a misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance charge. Burris is facing a 15 felony charges including 11 weapons charges, 3 drug charges, and one evidence tampering charge.