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Windsor and Sanford Residents voice their displeasure with a planned wind turbine project

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Imagine a 700 foot windmill going up right next to your house. Well for some citizens in the Sanford area, that mental picture could become a reality.

The area north of Windsor and Sanford is the proposed sight of 33 wind turbines.

The town of Sanford held public comment about the project this evening, and the room was packed.

Members of the community have formed a coalition  against the project, and in their outreach they've discovered that an over whelming majority is against the project.

Citing factors like the noise, the light flicker, the confidentiality of the project, the experimental nature of the larger turbines, and even environmental and financial effects.

Karl Katen, who petitioned locals, described why they were at the meeting "To prove this point that people in this area does not want these wind turbines... And how the town board or the state ever got the idea that we did is beyond me..."

Patricia Kurz, a Samford resident, said "When I think about the noise... I think about a parade with a bass drum going by... And you hear the pounding in your chest... And that's the kind of pounding that I am going to be subjected to..."

Anne Lawrence, the Cochair of the Coalition of Broome County Concerned Residents, said "Looming over our heads and they will cause shadow flicker... They will cause sound that will travel 6 miles... They have high speeds of those turbines... They go whoosh at 220 miles an hour like a jet..."

The coalition states that they want to prevent all these problems ahead of time by preventing them from being put up. 

The town of Windsor will also have a public comment meeting on the subject at 7 pm tomorrow.