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Anna Castaldo: One of the brightest stars in high school field hockey

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Endwell, N.Y. - Take my advice and remember the name Anna Castaldo. The Maine-Endwell Junior has accomplished more in her field hockey career than many do in a lifetime. The crazy thing is, she's really just getting started. By the time she was a sophomore in high school she was committed to the school of her dreams, the University of Maryland. She collected a lot of accolades from then until now, accolades that are highlighted by the All-American Second Team. Her most recent success came when she was chosen to represent the United States for the second year in a row. Castaldo will be playing for the U-17 USA National Team from April 18 to April 20 in Germany.

The selection process starts out with tens of thousands athletes and is narrowed down to only eighteen players. Only two New York athletes, including Anna will represent USA.

"It feels really great to make the team again for the second year and I feel really honored to represent my country" said Anna. "I'm excited to play with some of the best athletes in my age group."

If you ask the people who know Anna the most, what kind of player she is, they'll give you a list of words. Words like talented, dynamic, competitive and exciting to watch.

"She's probably one of the most competitive athletes I've ever met" said Maine-Endwell field hockey coach Heather Hope.

The seventeen-year old is fierce on the playing field. She fell in love with the sport when she was eight years. Her competitive nature has allowed her to become the only field hockey player from Maine-Endwell to ever represent her country on the National Team.

"Maine-Endwell excels at a ton of sports" said Hope. "To have a field hockey player that is going and competing with the U.S. team, going to Germany. That will leave a huge legacy.

"I'm proud that she's open to the training and pushing herself to be the best" said Anna's mother, Mary Castaldo.

"It's an amazing experience. She gets to put another stand on her passport. I'm proud of her for doing it and not being scared at all."

Anna will play in the 3 Nations Tour. She'll play in Germany on April 18 and 19. She'll play in Belgium on April 20.