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Wilson Medical Center Ups Security At Entrance, Visitor Check-In Requires ID

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Visitors and patients at Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City are now required to check-in to a new electronic security system. Visitors are asked to present a form of photo ID, which is scanned into the system and printed on a visitor badge. If a visitor does not have a photo ID, a desk officer will take their picture to put on a badge.

"It's an electronic system that allows us to use identification from visitors to just enter their information into a computer system and let us know who's in our facility at any given time," says Gail Thalacker, Vice President of Operations at UHS.

Thalacker says the system provides more security to visitors, patients, and staff. It's part of a system wide boost in security. Each UHS hospital will now only have one entrance for the public as part of those new security measures. 

The electronic visitor check-in is similar to the systems used in several local school districts and Thalacker says hospitals in Syracuse have also been using this system. UHS tested it out in their emergency room before implemented it for the whole Wilson hospital.

Thalacker says this check-in point also allows the hospital to give better directions to people coming in who may not know where they're going, providing that information resource right inside the doors. 

The system was put in place on Monday and when Fox 40 was in the lobby Friday, there was no line and the process went quickly.

UHS says Binghamton General Hospital will also use this same system starting July 1st.