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DeGrom Hopes To Be A 'Lifelong Met'

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New York - New York Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen and Cy Young Award pitcher Jacob deGrom had a short but informative press conference on Wednesday regarding deGrom's major extension.

"As we look forward to where we are going, this is another key indication of our mission statement" said Van Wagenen. To win now and win in the future. You build business plans off of guys like Jacob deGrom."

Jacob deGrom expressed genuine thanks to Wilpon and Van Wagenen and expressed his eagerness in wanting to be apart of the Mets future and become a 'lifelong Met.'

"The fans have been great to me" said deGrom. "I look forward to being here for a long time. Hopefully, a lifelong Met. I want to bring a championship to New York. Thank you guys for the support."

According to Van Wagenen, it wouldn't have happened without a Mets legend's input. Former Captain, now Mets special adviser, David Wright apparently came up with the creative and final touches of the deal. A deal that is made up of a five-year, $137.5 million extension, which features a player opt-out before Year 5 and an optional sixth year for the team.

"Ultimately, one of the key turning points in the process was David Wright's role in involvement" said Van Wagenen. I think he is now officially the most valuable special adviser in baseball history," per SNY.

"If I can do half the job he did -- he had a big impact on my career -- and just showing me kind of the way" said deGrom. "So I think just seeing how he did it, how he conducted himself, if I can do half that then I'll be pretty excited."

When he was asked if he knew about Wright's hand in his new contract, deGrom simply replied: "No, I wasn't real sure of that, so I'll have to call him."

"Our team, our clubhouse now has a leader that can carry us into the 2019 season starting with tomorrow and will help us host champion parades in NYC for years to come" said Van Wagenen.