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Dozens Rally To Support Chenango Forks HS Teacher

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Chenango Forks School District is facing controversy over a high school teacher that administrators are planning to transfer.

Dozens of students and parents came out to a school board meeting Wednesday evening to voice their support and anger about the decision to transfer Chenango Forks High School teacher and Fine Arts Chairman Mr. Keith Rosko to the middle school.

According to a rumor being circulated among the Chenango Forks Community, Mr. Rosko is being forced by the principal and superintendent to move to the middle school due to some internal personal disagreements. 

 "This teacher has shown me colleges that I would have never known about, showed me a career path that I would have never chose, and he is the reason why I go to school each and every day," said Morgan Calisi, a senior at Chenango Forks High School. "He is the reason why I love art. He is the reason why I’m doing communications in film and why I am trying to get into a field that is not so keen to women."

Morgan was just one out of many students expressing their resentment towards the school administration's decision. 

"He’s just an amazing teacher and I think he deserves to stay I asked an open ended question to the board tonight and I hope you get an answer for it," said Morgan. 

Students weren't the only ones telling the board how they felt. 

"They told me how much they were looking forward to doing Filmology and some of these amazing classes this amazing teacher teaches," said Jose Mota Lopes, a parent whose children are students of Mr. Rosko. 

"If they can get excited about being in school, to me it's the whole point of this, it's the whole point," added Lopes. 

A petition started by Lopes' son called "Keep Mr.Rosko’s job at the Highschool" has already over 2,000 signatures. The school district has about 1,600 students enrolled in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve.

Though the public had a chance to voice their concerns to the board, the board did not discuss the situation surrounding Mr. Rosko at Wednesday's meeting. 

Chenango Forks School District Superintendent Lloyd L. Peck responded to the crowd saying "We will take what you said... at the end of the day, we all do make mistakes. I’m not going back on this tonight, but I will tell you that that I do need to meet with my administrators and I do need to meet with people and I do need to talk with the board about how to go forward with this."

The board said that the school district will address the matter in their next scheduled school board meeting on April 11th.