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Lucas Scott Turns Dream Into Reality, Will Play Football At Wilkes University

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Binghamton, N.Y. - Chenango Valley senior Lucas Scott committed and signed to play football at Division III Wilkes University in the Fall of 2019.

It was back in October when Fox 40 Sports brought you the inspiring story on Lucas Scott, who was born with Ulnar Club hand, in his left arm. Ulnar Club hand is when the ulnar bone is either partially missing or gone altogether, making the form-arm shorter and curved at the wrist. However, he never allowed that to hold him back and now the senior has turned his dream into a reality.

"It really is awesome" said Lucas. "Way back  I never knew if I would ever play sports in college, so the fact that I actually got to do a signing and got recruited, it really makes me feel amazing."

Lucas was told that he'll most likely be playing offensive line but nothing is set in stone just yet.

"I loved the campus" said Lucas. "I love the people and the size of the classes. You get to really know the people you're going to school with and the people you're playing sports with, so I think that will really help me academically and athletically."

Wilkes University is a familiar place for the Scott family. In fact, Lucas's father, Mike Scott attended the school and was able to help Lucas learn all about it.

"My dad went there so might people think it's a sentimental thing but it isn't just that" said Lucas. "He went there but he also was the one who got me to learn about the school and once I got to go there, I just loved the campus and the people."

Lucas will be majoring in Environmental Engineering and was also accepted into the Wilkes University Honors College Program.