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Brackney Inn Back in Business

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After two devastating fires and nearly a year and a half of rebuilding the Brackney Inn is officially back in business.

Dozen's flooded the doors of the Brackney Inn on Friday for the first time in 17 months.

Greg MacBlane, owner of the Brackney Inn said, “It's definitely been heart-wrenching especially after the second fire… I was really close to giving up".

But with support from both his family and longtime customers, MacBlane rebuilt the over 100-year-old bar and restaurant.

“I'm excited to have people see the place from what it used to look like versus what it looks like now people are going to be amazed”, said MacBlane.

The bar is officially open and MacBlane says the kitchen will be open next month, MacBlane also said that the bar is now smoke-free as well.