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People enjoy the warmest day of the year so far

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An upward swing in the temperatures practically pulled people outside today as it was absolutely gorgeous.

Ice still cobers the lake at Otsiningo Park and you still see the occasional pile of snow.

Ana Scoville said “There is still like snow in my backyard… it’s like weird… It’s warm out but it’s snow…”   

David Michalski said “It’s been crazy… Up and down… and everybody just wants to stay in then get out… Stay in… Get out…”  

With today being the warmest day of the year so far, bikers, dog walkers, and joggers filled the park.

Temperatures hit 60 for the first time since November, a relief for those regular park-goers.

Jeri Wolfe said “With a dog like this we have to be out here year round… we’ve been out here when it’s zero… but today i’m loving it…”  

Michalski also commented “Just walking… Getting our laps in before it goes to 16 degrees again…”  

This was the peak of the warm-up, and the temperatures in the weekend are back to being cold.

Mark said "Don't be fooled folks... It's just a short spell of warm weather that's coming through... It’s going to turn cold again..."   

and Wolfe mentioned "I know it's going to change but it's just a taste of things to come... I've lived here my whole life so I'm used to it" 

But good news, Spring is right around the corner, kicking off next Wednesday.