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2nd Grade Students Steal the Show at 5th Annual Southern Tier ConnectEd Conference

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Roughly 700 teachers, directors, and administrators from across the Southern Tier made their way to MacArthur Elementary School on Thursday for the 5th annual Southern Tier ConnectEd Conference.

The conference is an opportunity for educators to attend different sessions throughout the day learning about the latest in instructional technology.

But one session ran by Mrs.Hudock 2nd grade class stole the show on Thursday as the hour-long session was run by her 7 and 8-year-old students.

Kelly Hudock, "Teacher of 2nd graders" says, "I'm very proud of them... we did start the year off and it was a struggle...they'd never seen or touched a Chromebook in school... it was the first time they'd seen and touched one so we had to start with the basics… it was hunting and pecking...trying to log in took 45 minutes for some”.

7 months later, her students are teaching educators from across the region some of the benefits to technology in the classroom, while also teaching them how to navigate through google and use all of their "apps" to make education fun.

2nd grader, Quentin Lecey Lee said that the experience today was, "awesome", and that "It was awesome and so cool because we could like write books on Chromebooks and play math games, write poems, and make learning fun".