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Maine-Endwell and Susquehanna Valley Teachers Focus on Mental Health at Superintendent's Conference Day

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Maine-Endwell and Susquehanna Valley Staff spent their Superintendent's Conference Day focusing on mental health and wellness for both teachers and their students.

Staff members attended break out sessions that hosted events yoga, exercise, and financial planning.

There were two guest presenters, Brian Mendler and James Butler who provided staff with specific strategies for connecting students in difficult classroom situations as well as ways to foster positive relationships with students through their own behavior.

Jason Van Fossen, M-E Superintendent says, "we deal with people and students that come to our classrooms every day with a whole host of issues and if we're not aware of what strategies and what we need to be looking for and what we need to help them then we're not prepared as educators".

The goal for today's presentation was to provide staff with strategies to help in both their personal and professional lives.