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Maine-Endwell Students Design Own Version of TED Talks

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Maine-Endwell Middle Schooler's hosted their own version of the popular, TED Talks, calling it SpartanX talks.

Students and staff spent the day attending some of the 140 offered sessions designed by students.

SpartanX Day is a way for the students to learn technology skills by finding online resources, citing them as well as using programs such as powerpoint to make their "SpartanX talks" more visually appealing.

Sarah Weyer & Molly Hawley are 7th and 8th grade ELA teachers at Maine-Endwell, stating "We are so proud of the work they've done, putting themselves out there to talk about topics that are maybe controversial,  personal... we had some kids with tears in their eyes but they pushed through them and got support at the end".

The M-E students also got to pick what topics to research and present, that way they could choose something that they are passionate about.

Some of Wednesday's topics included, "Cut the Cord: How to Take a Break From Technology", "Be a Cereal Killer: The Benefits of Breakfast", and "Benefits of Playing Video Games".