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VINES spreads it's roots at the Weekly Rotary Meeting

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At the Rotary Club meeting this afternoon, a local farming operation is looking to spread their reach through volunteers.

VINES, which stands for Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments, has an urban farm here in Binghamton, as well as, 14 community gardens throughout the Greater Binghamton Area.

Many of their volunteer efforts focus on younger helpers from 14 to 21, but they accept help from any group who's willing to lend a hand.

Hope Townsend, Program Assistant for VINES, said "Our tag line is growing food, growing community, and we just really want to focus on that... Involving the community in any way we can... Transforming vacant lots... Beautifying the neighborhood... All while letting people know that they can grow their own food while being healthy in their own way."

If you want to help out or more information, you can visit their website at VINESgardens.org.