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Meet Our Furry Faces: Daniel

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Meet this week's Furry Face!

This week we have Daniel. He's a two-year old Labrador-German Pointer mix. This friendly pup will shower you with unconditional love. He has a soul that's full of life and will lift the spirits of anyone he meets. With endless amounts of energy, Daniel loves to play, especially with tennis balls. If you live an active lifestyle, Daniel is the perfect companion for you. He is also an affectionate dog and loves getting hugs and kisses. Daniel loves people and is also great with other dogs. When it comes to meeting other four legged friends, he'll come off a bit shy at first, but give him a few minutes and he'll be their best friend.

Daniel has been with Every Dog's Dream Rescue for a few weeks now and he can't wait for his forever family to take him home. For more information or to adopt Daniel, contact Every Dog's Dream Rescue by calling the Petco in Johnson City at (607) 798-1430. You can find the rescue's adoption center inside the store located at 420 Harry L Dr, Johnson City, NY 13790. You can visit the adoption center's Facebook page here.