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Message from Northwest Broadcasting CEO Brian Brady

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To all viewers:

I have spoken to many of you over the last two weeks regarding the issue of our stations being off Directv. There is anger, frustration and a general feeling of distrust of both Directv and Northwest. It is clearly understandable as our two companies give you rhetoric which tries to point the finger in the opposite direction from ourselves.

Rather than try to convince you who’s to blame or how we got here I want to make sure you know that we agree with you. There is no reason for the two of us to put you in the middle of this negotiation as that seems inherently unfair to all of you. It is also dangerous as many of you are in markets that are experiencing severe weather and depend on our stations for news and weather information.

I want to be clear with all of you that Northwest Broadcasting has and will continue to allow Directv to put our stations back on their system while our companies continue to work out our differences. This unconditional offer which has been made to Directv will allow you access to the channels you want to watch without being put in the middle of this.

Brian Brady
President and CEO
Northwest Broadcasting


New York State

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Representative Antonio Delgado  202 225-5614
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