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St. Michael's Orthodox- Pinching Pirohy for 56 Years

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Clinton Street in Binghamton was jam-packed Friday afternoon with Southern Tier residents trying to get their first pirohy of the Lenten season.

St. Michael's Orthodox church has been pinching pirohy for 56 years, offering a substitute to meat for residents who celebrate Lent.

Father Jim Dutko, a priest at St. Michael's said, " 56 years nothing lasts that long unless it's really good...  most peoples grandmas aren't making this stuff anymore and if you come to St.Michael's you'll find some homemade food made right in front of your eyes it's something special" .

On Friday's during Lent, Catholic's do not consume meat and often look for substitutes like fish or pizza, but St. Michael's has kept the Eastern European delicacy alive.

Dozens of volunteers have been busy at work since Tuesday prepping for the first of seven pirohy filled Friday's.