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Maine-Endwell Students Learn a Lesson About the Risks of Party Culture

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Maine-Endwell High School held an assembly on Wednesday for students to hear about the risks of party culture and bring awareness to mixing drugs and alcohol.

Students lined the auditorium to watch the documentary "If They Had Known", which highlighted the risks associated with party culture and featuring the story of Clayton Soper.

Soper, a college student at the University of Denver was home for break visiting friends in Winchester, Massachusetts when he decided to mix a prescription drug "Xanax", with alcohol. 

The documentary followed the story of Soper's last night before he passed away, along with interviews with friends and family, showing the devastating effects of mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.

After the documentary students had the opportunity to ask questions to Nicole Melia, a recovering addict who told her story to the students.

Melia says, “I always think getting to them earlier can stop a world of difference... if I had this as a teenager it would have saved a lot of troubles I went through and maybe if they hear my story they'll think twice about taking a pill, doing heroin, smoking weed or even drinking”.

Patrick Watson, a Maine-Endwell student said the documentary was, "depressing, sad, horrible to see this guy go through this, he had everything going for him and it all changed in a matter of seconds”,

Natalie Wunder, another M-E student said, "These people had to go through something that nobody at that age should have to go through, so it's good to know the dangers of drugs and alcohol so me and my friends never have to go through that”.

Maine-Endwell will be hosting a drug awareness night on March 6th from 5:30-8:30 P.M.at Maine-Endwell High School.