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Union-Endicott's Ashley Cicciarelli Born Into Bowling Genes

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Endicott, N.Y. - Many people believe that someone has to be lucky to find their passion. But, if you're really lucky, you'll find it at a very early age. Union-Endicott Junior, Ashley Cicciarelli found her passion when was about three years old. Although she didn't start bowling competitively until she was seven, bowling has been in her genes since the moment she was born.

"I was born into it, but, I have a passion for it myself. My family gave it to me but from there on I took it and ran" said Cicciarelli.

Ashley's father Brent and grandfather Jack, owned Cardinal Lanes bowling Alley in Newark Valley for six years. 

"To see her carry it on means a lot" said Ashley's father, Brent Cicciarelli. "It's really enjoyable to watch her pick up where we left off. Hopefully she can achieve more than we did."

Brent and Jack were both inducted into the Endicott Bowling Hall of Fame Association. Although Ashley's success has been inspiring to her father, Ashley's father has been a big inspiration in her bowling journey.

"My father has helped me the most" said Ashley. "He taught me from the start to keep working hard and pushing. I don't think I would've made it this far without him."

"She looks to me and if I tell her 'hey you made a bad shot.' I tell her exactly like it is, I don't sugar coat it." said Brent

That tough love has helped Ashley become the bowler she is. Competitive, hard working and driven. 

"At first I bowled with all guys. No girls in the league, only like a couple" said Ashley. " I'm like, if I want to do well, I want to be up there with the guys. I don't want be second best, I want to be best."

Ashley joined the Union-Endicott Varsity bowling team back in 2014 when she was in the 7th grade.

"She's always out there working hard and I think she considers it like a craft. She works at it, knows so much beyond her years really" said U-E bowling coach, Barbara Ziska.

Those types of values is what helped lead her to do something that no high school bowler has ever done. On Saturday, February 9, Ashley bowled a national record-setting series of 258,296 and 300. It was the highest girl's 3-game series in the history of high school bowling nationwide.

"It was a once in a lifetime experience." said Ashley

"She has that heart and soul that she wants to do good. She will succeed. She's determined and that's what we saw out there on lanes 3 and 4" said Barbara.

 Ashley's new national record automatically qualifies her for the Singles Event in the 4th Annual 2019 U.S. High School Bowling National Championship taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 23-24, 2019.

Ashley's coach expressed that she's already received phone calls from colleges regarding Ashley. Ashley still has another season with Union-Endicott including the end of this season. Union-Endicott bowling team heads to states on Friday, March 8 in Syracuse.

"They're well prepared and Ashley's gonna lead the way for them" said Barbara.