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Binghamton Nonprofits Call On State Government For Funding

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Nonprofit Leaders and elected officials met at the Southern Tier Independence Center(STIC) on Thursday to call on State government to invest in infrastructure, technology upgrades and accessibility modifications.

Nonprofit leaders want Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders to include $100 million for nonprofit infrastructure in the state budget.

Maria Dibble, Executive Director of STIC said "Nonprofits are struggling right now to keep up with the expenses and cuts when things come up like your roof is leaking or you have to put in accessible bathrooms for someone who needs accessible bathrooms and issues like that, it's a really difficult situation to be in".

Government agencies hire nonprofits to provide programs but rarely pay for the full programming and because of that nonprofits are struggling to pay their debt, especially when repairs, like removing mold and fixing leaky roofs, need to be done.

"We want to bring attention to the plight of nonprofits who really need work done but don't have the money to do it" says, Dibble.