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Late Senator Tom Libous's Facebook Page Sees New Life, Posts Made By His Son Call Out Assemblyman Cliff Crouch

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Nearly three years after his death, late Senator Tom Libous's Facebook page is once again active. New posts appeared on February 9th and 10th, both about the passing of the Reproductive Healthcare Act. Specifically, the latest post calls out Assemblyman Cliff Crouch for his vote in favor of the act in 2017, before changing his vote to be against the act in 2019.

Comments made from Tom Libous's profile are signed as being from Nick Libous, his son, who ran against Crouch unsuccessfully in 2018. When a Facebook commenter criticized his use of his father's page, Libous responded that he needs "to use any medium I can." One Facebook user says "the election is over, stop crying." To that, Libous answers "Yes it is, but the fight never ends."

The below Facebook post made on February 10th links to a guest column Nick Libous wrote for the newspaper.