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Southern Tier Organization Helps Families with Disabilities

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Tonight Southern Tier Connect hosted its quarterly family advisory council meeting for families with disabilities.

Southern Tier Connect is a Care Coordination Organization that helps local families with disabilities get proper care and help that they may need.

The organization has care managers in fourteen different counties across New York State. 

Betty Davis, Care Management Supervisor at Southern Tier Connect, says "We provide care coordination which is where you take an individual with developmental disabilities or special needs and they are offered a service if they're eligible. And what our service is And what our service is, we look at the whole individual's life and we try and connect them with services that will help benefit them to live the best life possible" 

For families looking to get involved, the organization holds quarterly meetings, according to Davis "Parents come in and they meet with some of the staff and usually, a supervisor is involved and we discuss issues that are going on, progress that Southern Tier Connect is making, anything we can do to help them, and what support they would like to  receive from the community and how to help other families in the community know about Southern Tier Connect and the services that we offer." 

The next meeting is in May.

For more information head to their website at www.southerntierconnect.org.