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John Mack Lacrosse Tournament.... The Beginning of Something Special for One North Carolina Team

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For many local lacrosse players the John Mack Tournament is a chance to showcase their skills... but for one group of boys from North Carolina-- this tournament helped change their lives.

The Charlotte Secondary Club Lacrosse team made their lacrosse debut here in the Southern Tier 5 years ago.

The organization came together to bring a lacrosse program to kids in North Carolina that may not have the money to play the game or for communities where lacrosse wasn't offered.

Bobby Selkin, Head Coach and Director of Charlotte Secondary Club said, “We had kids who'd never played a game before",‘“I said I need to get these guys experience... The only tournament I could find was the John Mack Tournament... so I was like alright we've gotta take a trip to New York “!

Selkin has now made the trip back to the Southern Tier, 5 straight years and says that the John Mack Tournament got his players "hooked", "hooked on the game of lacrosse".

At first, Charlotte Secondary played in the Junior-Varsity bracket but after a successful summer, and a North Carolina Club State Championship, Selkin, and the boys made the leap to the Varsity level, where they held their own with a 3-5 record.

Selkin says, “There's no question we see the best competition in this tournament that we ever see.. It's the one time we get to play

New York teams and see what real varsity lacrosse is like".

But for Selkin, lacrosse is more than just a game, it's a chance to mold these athletes into better players and even better men.

“Each time we come on this trip we go to a different university so we can show our kids different universities and hopefully get them inspired to go to college”.

“We know when we go into these games we aren't going to have the stick skills these other teams have we know that, we know we need to be athletic, we need to play hard dig down deep and just give everything we’ve got”.

“It's that work ethic that I feel is ultimately is going to take them through life:”