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Binghamton High School helps students enjoy prom without the price tag

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Binghamton High School hosted its second annual Prom Fashion Show and Open Closet Friday night, a show that will help make sure every girl has a dress to wear for Prom. 

Hosted by Sisterz 4 Sisters, an organization at Binghamton High School, the show shows off donated new and gently used prom dresses and those who attend can pick out a dress they like and take it home all just for the price of admission to the show. 

The group 

The organization says the reason is to help students who want to attend prom but do not want to pay the high cost associated with the event.

Sisterz 4 Sisters said they collected so many prom dresses that they encouraged girls from local areas to take part in the event.

Local areas include Union-Endicott, Vestal, Chenango Valley and Chenango Forks, and Windsor.

"At first it started as asking for donations, because a lot of girls didn't want to go to prom because of the cost, and the cost can be so much. And we don't want any girl to feel that they cannot go to prom because they can't afford a dress," said Dream Wallace, Sisterz 4 Sisters President.

"Even if the girls want to go to the store and purchase a dress like they don't want one from here, we have Tom's and Ever After dresses that the girls are modeling, really any girl that plans on going to prom can come and they can see some of the dresses modeled, from our closet, so maybe after the show they can really like that one and they can go get that dress."

Dresses were donated from the community as well as given by Tom's and Ever After. Any dress modeled in the show can be taken home free of charge.

"We got the idea if we started doing this we can donate dresses and the girls that wanted to go to prom can go," said Steve Giannini, a business teacher and co-advisor for Sisterz 4 Sisters.

Another open closet will be hosted closer to prom time.

Prom is June 14th for Binghamton High School.