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United Way looks to strengthen community through Cafe Series

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Dozens of residents went to the Johnson City Senior Center Tuesday evening for the United Way of Broome County Community Cafe Series.

Community Cafe is an event where local residents sit down and are asked questions about their neighborhood.

"It’s a series we have a facilitator and a note-taker at every table and the questions we ask are always the same so that every table and every café has the opportunity to participate in the same series of questions and those questions are simple as 'What type of community you want to live in' or 'What areas of your community concern you' and the participants at the table will all chime in and answer," said Jacqueline Gerchman, Executive Director of United Way of Broome County.

Gerchman said the question are timed and there are a total of four questions. 

After participants answer the questions, the data collected is brought back to the elected officials so they have an idea on what the public is concerned with, according to Gerchman.

She said answers have ranged from public safety to public beautification projects in the area.

Gerchman said that the main response is that "Individuals want to live in a safe community".

"More regional services in their area, or, one theme we've heard is indoor places for children to play," Gerchman added. 

This is United Way's third care series event. The next one will take place on March 14th at the Broome County Public Library.