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Two Local Firefighters Honored For Saving Captain's Life

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Two Endicott firefighters have been honored the Broome County Firefighter of the Year award Friday night. 

The ceremony was held at Endwell Fire Station #1, where firefighters Matt Griswold and Jeremy Frederick were honored for saving the life of their captain, Endicott Fire Department Captain Donald Collins. 

“Matt Griswold and Jeremy Frederick of the Endicott Fire Department saved Captain Don Collin’s life, from the Endicott Fire Department, when he went into a cardiac arrest," said Robert Brad, President of the Broome County Firefighters' Association. 

"Fortunately, he lives just a couple blocks from the fire station, they knew the address when it came in, but I can tell you, being on the emergency squad for over 46 years, it’s very stressful working on someone you know," added Brad. 

According to eyewitness statements from the incident, on August 4, 2018, Capt. Collins was found unresponsive on his bedroom floor and was not breathing. Griswold and Frederick quickly responded, using an AED to give Collins a shock followed by CPR. 

The eyewitness statement read, "I watched on as the two seem to work together flawlessly like it was choreographed. After a few cycles the two utilized the AED to again analyse the status of Capt. Collins and a shock was not advised. Officer Griswold checked for a pulse and reported 'strong pulse detected!',"  

Captain Collins was present at Friday's ceremony as Griswold and Frederick were presented their awards, telling the crowd that he wouldn't have been there watching if not for their quick response.