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Catholic School Students Join Binghamton Mayor at City Hall

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Local catholic school students joined Mayor Rich David for a special ceremony on Tuesday morning.

Commemorating Catholic Schools Week, students from the Catholic Schools of Broome County were invited to city hall in Binghamton where they got a private meeting with Mayor David, and also to participate in a flag raising ceremony.

January 27th was the start of Catholic Schools Week, which is a celebration of the schools and the good they do for their communities.

Students of the Catholic Schools of Broome County are doing their own part to spread the charity, by collecting donations for the less fortunate, singing at nursing homes and retirement communities, and much more.

Elizabeth Carter, President of the Catholic Schools of Broome County, said “We are involved in so many service projects. They’re going to do so many things in various different locations.. It’s a week when we can look at the end and wow.. These are all the things we accomplished in the community.”

Mayor David presented Carter with a plaque that officially declared the week of January 27th to be Catholic Schools Week in Binghamton.