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Parents of Binghamton East Middle School Girls Respond to District

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The parents of four 12-year-old girls who attend East Middle School maintain that on January 15, 2019, three of their daughters were strip-searched while a fourth girl was disciplined after she refused to remove her clothes, according to a statement released Friday.

That came one day after the Binghamton City School District stated the students were never strip searched and school officials followed protocol.

The district said the attention on Facebook was based on misinformation.

The group PLOT, which stands for Progressive Leaders Of Tomorrow, posted the story on its Facebook page, saying school administrators authorized the school nurse to conduct the strip search after the girls appeared "hyper and giddy."

Parents say the girls were told they needed to remove their clothing in order to search for drugs and other illegal substances.

We, as parents, did not consent to these searches. We, as parents, were not notified by the school before or after these searches occurred. Instead, our children informed us, and we had to follow up with the school the next day. - Parents of East Middle School girls

Supporters have been using the hashtag #BelieveBlackGirlsBCSD on Facebook to provide updates and responses to the district's stance.

 Parents and the school acknowledge what happened on January 15 left students feeling traumatized. Parents said their children no longer feel safe at East Middle School and have already missed several days of classes.