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Basketball Brotherhood; Kobe Bogart & Christian Sage

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Owego, N.Y. - Owego's boys basketball team find themselves leading the pack in Class B with a 13-2 record putting up some impressive numbers this season. The Indians lead Section IV in points and rank 23rd throughout New York State in Class B. Could this year be the year the Indians grab their first sectional championship in over a decade? The Indians haven't held a sectional championship plaque since 2006, when the school was in Class A. But, in between all those numbers is something even more special. A twelve-year friendship turned into a brother hood. A brother hood that certainly comes alive on the basketball court.

"Kobe's kind of just like a do it all player. He can spot up shoot a 3, strength really inside, post up anyone and he's really crafty inside." said Christian.

"Christian's different, he never stops. It doesn't matter where or what sport it is" said Kobe.

The two share a mutual respect for each other. Friends since the first grade and teammates since the third grade.

"I've never had players similar to those two. As far as the relationship goes" said head coach Chris Evans.

The two lead in different ways.

"Christian is a vocal leader, tremendous leader for us this year" said Evans.

"Kobe has really stepped it up. A lot more vocal this year because he's more quiet."

But, it's the relationship they share that allows those differences to come together beautifully on the basketball court.

"I mean I don't know any way to put it besides brothers. I look at him like he's my brother and he looks at me like I'm his brother" said Kobe.

Kobe leads Owego in scoring averaging 22 points per game while Christian is right behind averaging 18.

"It's a one-two punch. If one of us is off you know the other one's gonna be on. We feed off each others energy and always try to be positive. Our teammates follow" said Christian.

"He takes anything I say , he doesn't take it to heart on the court. If we don't like it we communicate after the game. We talk about it" Kobe said.