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Michael Korchak Announces Candidacy For Broome County District Attorney

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The current Chief Assistant District Attorney, Michael Korchak, has announced he's running for the Broome County District Attorney seat. This comes just eleven days after DA Steve Cornwell announced he would not be seeking another term and indicated the job would be best filled by someone already on his staff.

"Someone coming from the outside won't have the experience and the knowledge of someone within the office. And that with my trial experience and my experience as a defense attorney and a prosecutor makes me uniquely qualified for this position," says Korchak.

Korchak says he's been working in criminal law for around 30 years and has experience as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor. He's been Cornwell's Chief Assistant DA since he took office in 2016. Korchak also worked under the previous Broome DA, Gerald Mollen. He was hired as Mollen's Senior Assistant DA in 1996. In 2007 Korchak challenged Mollen for the seat, but lost the election.

Korchak says if elected, he wants to continue the initiatives and programs he's worked on with Cornwell and he will continue to take a lead in the courtroom, prosecuting the big cases.

"I won't be hanging up my trial suit," says Korchak, "The job of the District Attorney is to train young attorneys who are learning to be prosecutors and use your experience and your trial experience to try the tough cases. That's what a District Attorney does and that's what leadership is. And that's what I intend to bring to the District Attorney's Office."

Korchak is the second republican to announce his candidacy since Cornwell's decision to step down at the end of the year. Attorney Paul Battisti revealed he would be running the same day Cornwell made his announcement. Korchak and Battisti will face-off in a primary election.