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Tamdan McCrory Brings UFC Talent to Broome County Martial Arts

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Tamdan McCrory transformed himself from a self-described nerdy college student to one of the most ferocious middleweights in the UFC at the age of nineteen. The Ithaca native began fighting in 2006 while he was a kinesiology student at SUNY Cortland, and was nicknamed "Barn Cat" for his ferocious fight style, and MMA training in a barn like setting. 

"One of the guys said to me, 'you know barn cats are pound for pound the most ferocious animals on the planet'," said McCrory. "I didn't like it at first but it became a part of the personality."

In the first year of his career, McCrory won his first eight professional fights before signing in the UFC. He won his UFC debut but was released after two years. He took a hiatus from 2009-2014 when he fought in Bellator MMA's competitions. He was resigned to UFC and retired with a 14-5 record. 

In his five years out of the octagon, McCrory began to raise a family and opened Broome County Martial Arts on Conklin Road. BCMA offers classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and boxing for students of all ages and skill levels daily, except on Sundays for open mat. 

"Most of the people that train with us are here for the benefits martial arts brings, not necessarily for competition,” said McCrory. “Not everyone is training to be the next UFC fighter but everyone can benefit from self-defense, getting fit and in shape, and a physical and mental stress release."

BCMA offers a free trial for new fighters, which can be found on their website.