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Over 300 Broome Residents Called As Potential Jurors In Aaron Powell Double Murder Case

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Over 300 Broome County residents have filed in and out of the courtroom over the course of the past week for one case: The Aaron Powell double murder re-trial. Out of those 300-some potential jurors, six have been sworn in to sit through the six week trial. 

A fresh jury pool of around 100 individuals was brought into court on Friday morning. The first questions the judge asks is if anyone knows anything about this case already, if they know anyone on the witness list, or if they have any other reasons for thinking they can't serve impartially on this particular trial. A few jurors who were dismissed early were overheard leaving the courtroom saying they couldn't serve because they'd already made up their minds about whether or not Powell was guilty after his first trial.

Powell's name first hit headlines in 2013 when he was declared the person of interest in the death of his estranged wife Christina Powell and Mario Masciarelli. Powell was tracked down and arrested in Pennsylvania and then sat trial in 2014. A Broome County jury found him guilty of the crime, but that conviction was overturned by an appellate court in 2017 due to a conflict of interest with a juror. 

Testimony for this second trial was expected to begin on Monday January 14th, but instead, jury selection will continue on that day with testimony likely coming later in the week.