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Lesko Financial: Jump Start Financial Tasks

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Transcript of Thursday January, 10, 2019 Lesko Financial segment that aired on Fox 40 News at 6.


Many people take the first weeks of a new year to get organized--and finances are one area to tackle. Greg  Lesko of Lesko Financial has tips on getting ahead with money in 2019. Greg… 


Thanks, Bri.
January is an excellent time to review your finances and set goals that can put you on a firmer foundation. One important first step is to do what a large percentage of Americans don’t do—set aside money for emergencies.You can start with 500 to a thousand dollars and flesh it out to several months of living expenses later on. This cash cushion may keep you from turning to debt when the unexpected occurs.


What other areas can people work on?   

Greg: Retirement savings and investments. If you don’t have a retirement account, look into opening an IRA. If you have a workplace-sponsored plan, resolve to increase your contributions and make sure you contribute enough to maximize any employer match. It’s a good idea to set aside about 15 percent of your income for retirement, consistently. Have that automatically taken from your paycheck, if possible, or checking account. Third, review your debts and create a plan for paying them down, especially high-interest credit-card debt.


What else should go on the financial to-do list?  


Since you’ve resolved to save more, you could begin investing or add to investments you already have. Seek out guidance if you don’t want to go it alone.
some other tasks you might include in your early-year financial moves are: shopping around for better deals on all your purchases, including insurance policies and prescriptions. And maybe setting up a separate account for future expenses that will crop up, such as home and car maintenance and taxes.

Bri :

Small steps that make a huge difference, and that's Greg Lesko with Lesko Financial.