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Police Tape Lines Binghamton Bank After Robbery

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The Binghamton Police Department and New York State Police were on the scene of an armed robbery at the M&T Bank at 149 Robinson Street Thursday.

Binghamton Police confirm that there was no one injured or weapons involved in the incident.

The call came in at 11:34 A.M Thursday as police identified the suspect as a tall African American male, 6 foot tall, wearing a black scarf and baggy camo sweater.

The suspect is believed to have left on foot towards Ely and Griswold Streets.

BPD and State Police were heavily patrolling the streets around the Robinson Street bank receiving assistance from K-9 Units as well.

Binghamton Police did put Calvin Coolidge Elementary and East Middle School under lockout for about 45 minutes meaning no one is allowed to leave or enter the building.

Parents of students at the two schools were notified of the lockout and since the lockout has been lifted.