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Quenneville On Track To First AHL All-Star Classic Appearance

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Binghamton, N.Y. - John Quenneville and Mackenzie Blackwood were selected to the AHL All-Star Classic on Thursday January 3, while they were both playing in the NHL  with the New Jersey Devils. However, over the weekend forward John Quenneville was called back down to Binghamton and if he stays here for the next few weeks he'll be making his first All-Star Classic appearance.

The twenty-two year old was selected to play in the game in his first season with the Devils organization in 2016-17 but didn't participate in the game because of an illness.

"I was sick the last time I was selected to play, so it would be pretty cool to get the opportunity to play this year."

"It's good for my resume. I've built myself as a pretty good AHL player. So, it's an honor and it's exciting" said Quenneville.

The twenty-two year old has scored 9 goals and tallied 10 assists with Binghamton this season. He's also spent just as much time with the New jersey Devils, constantly being recalled from the two teams, similar to last season.

"I'm continuing to build my game and continuing to improve. Sometimes, you know, things aren't going to go perfect for you and it's not how you sum it up in your head, but, I really think I'm improving" Quenneville said.

The AHL All-Star Classic is from January 26-27 in Springfield, Massachusetts.