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ACHIEVE Partnered Up With 2 Local Organizations to Present Goldie B.Locks and the Three Singing Bears

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Tri-Cities Opera made a visit to ACHIEVE's new  multi-generation adult social program "On the Pond ~ At Cutler" on Wednesday to perform their " Goldie B. Locks and the Three Singing Bears".

Suny Broome Daycare students was also in attendance for Tri-Cities Opera's educational "Opera-Go-Round", bringing Opera performances to schools across New York and Pennsylvania.

Shawnta Smith, Day Habilitation Specialist at Achieve says “reaching out to the community and trying to reach out and create friendships and establish some kind of community integration its really important for our individuals to be seen and get the interaction they so well deserve”.

Smith also spoke about the chance " why not create that friendship do meaningful fun creative activities... it's way more than activities its a learning process its creating friendships... why not  create those friendships...it's Broome County that's what we’re here for”.