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BREAKING: District Attorney Steve Cornwell Is Not Seeking Re-Election

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Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell said in a statement that he will not be seeking re-election in 2019. Cornwell says he will serve through the end of the year, before passing the position on to a successor. 

The reasoning Cornwell gives in the statement reads: "In my view it would be dishonest to run for another four-year term, which I do not intend to complete, or, to exploit the power of the District Attorney's Office to advance my own personal goals."

Fielding questions from reporters, Cornwell debunked several speculations about his future goals. He answered point-blank that the County Executive seat does not interest him. When Fox 40 asked if he is considering running for a judgeship, Cornwell answered: "A lot of people have asked what I'm going to do and I'll let people know that as this year moves on."

Reporters tried several different times to get him to reveal more (Cornwell, laughing, said "You guys are pretty good."), but the most he is willing to tell at this point is that he is staying in Broome County and does foresee himself continuing in public service.

Due to the way he reorganized the inner workings of the office when he took the job, Cornwell says he believes someone from within his office would be best suited to come in as his successor. 

Cornwell says over the past three years, his proudest accomplishments include reducing crime in the county and lowering the number of overdose deaths. Cornwell says there is still plenty more he aims to do in the next year.

The full statement can be read below.