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Three Section IV Field Hockey Players Commit to Top 10 Programs

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McKenna Sergi, Madison Baciuska, and Anna Castaldo are committed to attending some of the best field hockey programs in the country.

McKenna Sergi is committed to the University of Connecticut, currently ranked fourth in the nation. The Greene senior committed in November, and cannot wait to make the journey north. "It’s crazy to think I can go to play at one of the top schools in the country and make a difference on their team," said Sergi. "To have the chance to win a national championship is crazy.”

Afton senior Madison committed to No. 7 Wake Forest, a school she knew early on she wanted to attend. “I love the work ethic of the team and the coaches," said Baciuska. "The attitude there is very 'you get what you put in' which is also how my high school coaches were, so I liked the feel there." Baciuska began playing field hockey in kindergarten, a love instilled in her by her mother Dawn who was a goalie at Cortland. 

Anna Castaldo is verbally committed to her dream school, No. 2 University of Maryland, joining the Class of 2024. The Maine-Endwell junior was a member of the U17 National Team and had the opportunity to compete internationally in Uruguay. "The coaches are amazing, top level, and so are the girls," said Castaldo. "Being able to represent my country is awesome to me. It's something I'm proud to do now and hope to do when I'm older." 

Though none of them will be playing in the same Power 5 conference, the girls are hopeful one day their schedules will line up, and they will have the opportunity to play one another in the future. 

In addition to competing against each other during the high school outdoor season, they all grew up on the same club team. Their accolades are impressive - Junior Olympics, Section IV First Team All-Stars and All-State honors. All three are currently awaiting the All American selection, which is slated to be announced before the new year.