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April The Giraffe's Famous Baby Flew The Nest, But Is Staying At Animal Adventure Park

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April the Giraffe's famous baby, Tajiri, is moved into his new barn at Animal Adventure Park. The nearly two-year-old giraffe has left his parent's house for his own, but is staying in Harpursville after plans to move him to a North Carolina Wildlife Conservation Park were canceled in October.

"He does have some companions. There are two Bongo Antelope in there keeping him company," says Animal Adventure Park Owner Jordan Patch, "And ideally in the future a female will join him and it may become the main giraffe exhibit at the park."

Patch says the building was built with funds from fans of the Animal Adventure giraffes around the globe. The project cost around $175,000 and includes state of the art handling equipment and heating systems. Patch says it was imperative to move Taj sooner rather than later with April expecting another calf in a few more months.

"Of course, April's pregnancy is advancing, we are still anticipating a calf born in March of 2019. This period of time and why it was so important to move Tajiri when we did is to allow her to settle, to really focus on the development of that fetus inside and get ready for that birthing excitement," says Patch.

April jumped to worldwide fame in 2017 when the park launched the Giraffe Cam, giving the world the opportunity to see a live giraffe birth. Patch says the Giraffe Cam will return as soon as the giraffe family has settled into their new living arrangements.

Taj's barn will stay closed to the public for now, but visitors can see April and Oliver on weekends through December.