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Syracuse Diocese: 57 Clergy Accused of Child Sex Abuse Since 1950

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The Syracuse Diocese made public Monday the names of 57 clergy members with a credible allegation of sexual abuse dating back to 1950.

The Diocese provided a list to district attorneys in addition to posting the names on syrdio.org, its website and the diocesan newspaper, thecatholicsun.com

The Broome County District Attorney's Office confirmed 11 of clergy on the list are from Broome County and said "the Diocese of Syracuse has been in touch with the Broome County District Attorney’s Office regarding 11 of the named priests.”

In a letter that preceded, Bishop Robert J. Cunningham explained his decision to release the names to coincide with the start of the holy Advent season, the four weeks before Christmas.

Cunningham said the recent news of the “tragic failings of the Catholic Church” has been deeply distressing and said he prayerfully considered what steps he could do to rebuild trust.

The list consists of names of clergy with credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor, when they were ordained and their status. Thirty-eight of the 57 accused are deceased.