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Playing Music Before the Internet Brings Nostalgia to Binghamton

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For the 30th straight year, New York Record Fairs held their annual LP Vinyl Record and CD Fair.

The event takes place twice throughout the year as over 100,000 records, CD's and DVD's are for sale.

From David Bowie to The Beatles the fair had just about any music you could think of .

Jack Skutmak, the event coordinator said that vinyls "has a richer more full mellow sound, its not compressed like a CD is or the stuff you're listening to on the internet... vinyl is the way to listen to music".

The event had 25 different vendors and was held at Terra Cotta Catering in Downtown Binghamton.

One community member at the event today said that vinyls bring intimacy to music. "between the artwork on the covers, the lettering on the cover, having to get up and flip over the record to get to the next track, it just felt more intimate... it felt genuine".