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Game Of The Week: Binghamton Patriots

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Binghamton, N.Y. - With football's post season just a day away, Fox 40 highlights their game of the week between the Binghamton Patriots and the Horseheads Blue Raiders. Both teams finished 5-3 on the 2018 regular season in Class AA. Friday night will bring a repeat Section IV semi-final game from last year and it was Binghamton who came out with the 54-7 win over Horseheads. Tomorrow night they'll of course look to do the same.

"We've had a weird season. On and off. Ups and downs. All that. I think we're just gonna turn it around. Ride on all the positives instead of the negatives" said Binghamton quarterback Zane Olmstead.

Binghamton was handed three losses this season, two of them coming in over time against Elmira and Utica-Proctor. 

"It really does brings us together more. We have to work 10 times harder as a team and be more competitive" said wide receiver, Colbie Young.

But the back and forth games doesn't end there. In four of the Patriots eight games this season, the results were decided by eight points or less.

"It fuels us. Nothing is changing what we're doing. It's not what other teams are doing it's what we're doing. We need to do better against good teams" said Olmstead.

On Friday, it will be Horseheads who Binghamton needs to worry about, especially since the Blue Raiders have not won a playoff game in over a decade.

"They're bringing the energy. They're bringing their will to compete. They want this win just as much as us. Especially after beating them during the regular season and last year" said Young.

"They want it. They have heart. They want it. We just have to want it more and work harder than they're working and do what we need to do" said Olmstead.

Junior quarterback Zane Olmstead has certainly been doing what he needs to do. The junior threw a total of 11 touchdowns in just two games. Five against Corning and six against Elmira.

"We know that if we make a stop. Zane will put seven on the board. So, all I got to do on defense is make sure that we get Zane the ball so he can work his magic" said Senior linebacker Fendi Deadwyler.

"My O-line protects me at all cost. They're my brothers and all my receivers will put in the work they have too" said Olmstead.

Receivers like Junior Colbie Young, who's become Zane's biggest target.

"We all trust Zane. Just having Zane there. Knowing he's gonna find us. It keeps us all together" said Young.

"All of us have heart. Every game we played we've been beating ourselves a lot. Now, its playoffs and we know if we mess up it could be our last game for the season. So, knowing it's either go big or go home. We have to put that extra boost in. No mistakes" said Deadwyler.

The Binghamton Patriots host Horseheads tomorrow night at 7 p.m.