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Vestal Orthodontist Bringing Smiles To Binghamton Youth

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Muench Orthodontics of Vestal has helped bring smiles to the Binghamton Youth through the nonprofit "Smiles Change Lives".

Over the past three Dr. David Muench has donated over $300,000 in braces for kids.

To qualify for the program, a child must be between the ages of 7-21, maintain good oral hygiene, not already be wearing braces, and have a moderate or severe need for braces along with meeting financial guidelines.

Muench says, " Its been a fantastic experience for myself and my staff we feel good we’ve been able to make a positive impact on a child”.

The service that they provide is all inclusive meaning the children get a full set of braces, complete treatment, retainers and follow up treatments

“It’s kind of hard to describe but obviously its a great feeling and the reactions on the part of the patients, children, and parents can be sometimes overwhelming… its usually a very happy day when they come in and get their braces off and there's a lot of smiling sometimes there's some tears... it can sometimes get emotional but in a good way and so it's a happy thing its a good thing and we're just very honored to be able to do this for the community” said Muench.

On Saturday Muench held an open house to be qualified and approved for treatment.