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"We kind of have some secret weapons this year" - Kai Moon

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Vestal, N.Y. - Believe it or not, we're just three weeks away from the 2018-19 Binghamton University Women's basketball season. A season that brings an entirely new coaching staff, starting with head coach Bethann Shapiro Ord who was hired in June 2018. With that being said, we can expect to see a new style of coaching and a new look from this year's Bearcats team. So, the question, does this give this year's team come in with a different edge?

"I think so. Our style of play right now is very different than how we played last season. We also have new players [Olivia Ramil] and freshman that can really give us a boost" said Junior guard, Kai Moon.

"So, I think from that perspective you're not scouting the same team. We also have players that have stepped up incredibly, so from that perspective, we kind of have some secret weapons."

When Bethann Shapiro Ord was hired in June she expressed her style of coaching and how she loves fast-tempo basketball and scoring a lot of points. Although in October the team isn't anywhere close to being the team they'll be in January, Bethann is pleased with what she's seen out of this group.

"The one big thing about this team is that they've been sharing the basketball and have been getting up and down the court" said Bethann.

"They get in the gym extra on their own. They're feeling confident in their shooting abilities and that's how you get points on the board."

The first game of the regular season is on Tuesday November 6th at 5:30 pm at Binghamton University.