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County Urges Replacement of Ely Park Radio Tower

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The Ely Park Radio Tower could be replaced in the near future. 

Emergency officials said the 1970's style tower needs to be replaced and upgraded because it no longer meets public safety standards.

This is expected to happen in late winter. Since it's on Binghamton's property they have to get a permit from the city to replace it, which will cost about $400,000 to $500,000. This money does come from grant funding.

However, officials said this will help first responders get to you when you need them.

"This is vitally important to the public safety of the community," Michael Ponticiello, Broome County Director of Emergency Services, said. "This system allows police, fire and ems to communicate back with dispatch. So as a resident when you call 911, and you expect one of those services to come, all of that communication is done over  this type of system. 

This specific tower broadcasts Binghamton, Johnson City, Endwell and Endicott.