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Country Wagon Produce Re-Opens Friday After September Flooding

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Maine, N.Y. -

Country Wagon Produce in the Town of Maine is re-opening this Friday after being forced to close its doors due to flooding. 

 "At 3:30 I woke up and stepped out into ankle deep water. And we knew right then we were flooded," says Country Wagon Produce owner Andrea Eichhorn, remembering the morning of September 18th. 

During that flash flooding, an overflowing Nanticoke Creek rushed through the Eichhorn's farm, damaging their home and their store. 

When it came, it came fast.

Eichhorn says it was easily ten inches to a foot of water that covered the floor of the shop, taking merchandise with it. Cataloging the damage, Eichhorn says it was more than $65,000 worth of contents alone. That's not counting the building itself or the house on the same property.

"The pumpkins floated over to the next door neighbors," says Eichhorn, chuckling. 

She can laugh now, but that morning was a devastating hit to the farm. The water destroyed their pumpkin crop and this isn't the first time it's happened. The Eichhorns were also flooded in 2011. This time around, they weren't so sure they would be able to bounce back. 

"It was a hard decision to come back, but my husband really wanted to and we had a lot of support from the community," says Eichhorn.

Family, friends, and neighbors showed up to help rip out damaged walls and insulation and put the place back together. On Wednesday, they're working on a few finishing touches.

"It should be almost the same," says Eichhorn.

The same, but with a few changes. The Eichhorns are getting in some orders of produce to get them through the rest of the season since their own crops were ruined. But there will still be the same dried goods, baked goods, and country decorations they've been selling for the past 30 years. They've also made a couple precautionary changes in case the creek rises again in the future. Shelves are now a little higher up off the floor and the Eichhorns are talking about building a new house on higher ground, but on the same piece of land. They're not going anywhere. 

"You know, it's home. When you've been here 30 years, you don't know anything else, so you kind of want to stay," says Eichhorn.

The Route 26 store will be open at 8am on Friday morning.