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6 Months After Opening Helio Health Releases Report On Treatment Services

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After 6 months since their doors first opened Helio Health announces over 300 people have been treated. The facility which currently houses 25 beds says that nearly 70% of patients have completed treatment with all treatment goals met.

The treatment center says that 100% of the patients were from Upstate New York, with 67% of that being from Broome County.

Jeremy Klemanski Helio CEO said, " we didn’t know how many were leaving the state entirely to go to Pennsylvania or somewhere and how many people weren’t trying because they didn’t think it was possible.”

The length of stay for patients for 4 to 7 days is 44.3% and those who stay up to 3 days is 35.4%

Jessica Krohn, training institute specialist says, “whether there here for a day or 5 days they'll be treated with genuine respect and empathy and compassion”.

Helio Health is looking to build on their success and incorporate residential treatment.

“The goal of phase 2 is to be able to offer more beds in the community and more access locally residential treatment plans are underway and are the future of the program”, said Klemanski.

The main source of substance abuse for patients being admitted for treatment is heroin at 62.8% and followed by alcohol with 24.1%.

Broome County Executive Jason Garner said the center played a role in the recent decline in drug overdose deaths in Broome County.

“Last week we learned that our fatal overdose this year has decreased 60%, i think that's some of the best news I've had as a county executive yet” said, Garner.

Helio Health provides withdrawal, stabilization, and rehabilitation treatment services