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Meth Dealer Sentenced To Prison

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Brett J. Poyer  was sentenced Tuesday to nine years in prison, and five years’ parole, for five drug
counts, related to a January 2018 Port Crane Methamphetamine bust.
Poyer pleaded guilty to the entire indictment back in August
According to prosecutors, the arrest was one of Broome County’s largest methamphetamine busts in recent history.
Poyer’s meth ring had ties to Georgia and other locations on the east coast.
Poyer’s co-defendant, Jodi L. Bickos, pleaded guilty in August
“We’ve seen Broome County residents fatally overdose, and lives ruined, from meth, mixed with other drugs, and their
side effects,” said District Attorney Steve Cornwell. “We will prosecute meth cases aggressively and continue to remove
poisonous drugs from our community